Chevy Malibu Door Big Dent Repair

Big Dent? Yeah, we can fix that.

One of our regular customers called us for a dent in the door of one of their cars. When we arrived we could see why they chose Carmedic to repair this dent. There’s alot going on here. First, the dent affected a large area on the back door of this Malibu, luckily that’s our speciality. Second, it was right in the body line, also known as style line,  at the top of the door. This caused a large amount of the metal above the bodyline to become displaced and you can also see some displaced metal down lower in the door. We assured the customer that this was something we could handle.

We were able to repair all of this damage using our Paintless Dent Repair method. This method maintains the factory paint job on the vehicle. In about 3 hours we had this car looking great and ready to drive away. Without our services, this car would’ve spent 3 to 4 days at the body shop. By saving the factory finish we also help to maintain the cars value. Needless to say the customer was beyond pleased with the outcome.